This 2018 movie stars some famous actors from around the world like Sophie Turner, who plays the primary character in the movie. She impersonates as a mysterious high school student who is transferred from Baymont. In the school, she gains the attention of hank, who plays the role of a local recluse. This epic thriller movie hit the premier screens on February 8, 2018, at the Mammoth Film festival.


In addition to Sophie Turner, the movie also casts lead actors and actresses like Jack Kilmer, Micah Fitzgerald, Lombardo Boyar, Daeg Faerch, Robin Bartlett, Dylan McDermott and Kurt Fuller at the lead.

Sophie Turner


Dylan McDermott


Kurt Fuller


Review About Josie

It is one of those movies that is a sure shot thriller which keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. The film is based on a mysterious high school girl who arrives at a town by herself. Throughout the movie, the character is depicted as a mysterious one, who hides her secrets even from the viewers. The film also introduces us to other cryptic characters called Hank. Together, they create a sense of enigma and question in the minds of the viewers that is quite captivating and intriguing to watch.

I loved Sophie Turners’ acting, and hence I watched the movie with no judgments.

Jaime G. Childers

After reading the review here, I watched the movie and quite liked it.

Denise P. Oconnell

About Eric England

David Eric England is the director of this 2018 thriller. He’s not only a director by profession but also a screenwriter and producer. He’s directed other famous movies like Contracted (2013) and Gets the Girl (2017).

Story Of Josie

The entire movie is centered on the unusual and thrilling events that take place between Hank and Josie. In the end, the actor realizes her emotions, thus portraying her true side to the audience.

Eric England

Director of Josie

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5 Best Sights and Destinations in Oahu


Oahu is the most diverse island in all of Hawaii, with over 240 species of birds, 30% of the world’s fish, and one of the most beautiful landscapes. It is a small island that gave birth to some not so well known areas such as Waianae and Makaha. These places are special because they are untouched by luxury resorts or waterfront high-rises. They provide an escape from the hustle and bustle to enjoy amazing views, unspoiled beaches, secluded hilltops that even some locals don’t recognize yet. You can get tour guides such as LYA Dolphin Tours, do a DIY or do the things listed below.

Waianae Coastline

This area between Kailua-Kona or Wailea Beach is a true gem. Many people do not know about this place because of the distance to the main parts of Oahu, as well as the fact that it has no real urban center. Waianae is full of beautiful waterfalls such as Uawa Falls and Kapoho falls, which are well worth the trip. Waianae is a great place to go horsing around, hiking in the jungle and swimming at the beach. Waianae has some of the best snorkeling on the entire island. This area is also a great place to enjoy incredible sunsets and see amazing tropical flowers. You can find many places to stay along this coast, especially in the town of Waimea.

Ka’ena Point

This peninsula is worth visiting not only because of the amazing views, but also the history behind it. Ka’ena Point is where Portuguese navigator in 1579, Juan Gaetano, was shipwrecked and killed by Hawaiian warriors. It is also where the archaeological remains of ancient Hawaiians and their village have been found. The views are stunning, you can see Maui from here, as well as many islands that surround Oahu. The shore is alive with wildlife, you can see many different kinds of birds and small animals. There are a few small stores to buy food and drinks, as well as bathrooms. This is one of the best places to see the sunset on Oahu, it’s breathtaking.

Kealia Beach

Kealia Beach is a great place to go snorkeling. There are many different kinds of fish in this area, and you may see sea turtles swimming around. Kealia beach is also a great place to enjoy the ocean and the view of Haleiwa town (our next best destination). You will have access to showers and restrooms.

Pelekunu Ridge Park

This park is filled with a variety of beautiful beaches, including scenic Kukio Beach and Honu-kukui Beach. This is one of the few places on Oahu to find giant kukui nut trees, so you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy some unique and delicious treats. There are many hiking trails that lead through this park, and it is full of beautiful flowers and plants along with brooks, ferns etc. The best thing about this park is that it’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean so you can be sure you’ll see ocean life while walking through the trails.


This is a great place to go shopping and explore, as it is the main part of Oahu as stated on this site. There are many different kinds of shops to visit, as well as many fast food restaurants to enjoy as mentioned on this site. There are also many places to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, as Kailua is surrounded by fruit groves. For example, Uwajimaya Village is the largest Asian market on Hawaii Island, which sells everything from imported Chinese foods and Thai foods to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Places To Look For Australian Contemporary Arts

It is easy to find Australian art galleries in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. However, sometimes the success of an excellent exhibition might be limited to its geographical location. If you are looking for contemporary art from Australia but don’t know where to start, here are some websites that offer a diverse selection of Australian contemporary art:.


The Australian Gallery of Contemporary Art is a project that aims to promote Australian contemporary art in Australia and internationally such as this artwork by using photography. There are two parts to the gallery: an online gallery which offers a broad range of images from Australian artists, and a physical gallery in Sydney. The gallery has been established to provide contemporary art lovers with the opportunity to discover and enjoy the work of Australia’s best artists.


The Art Gallery of New South Wales has one of the largest collections of Australian contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region. The gallery features a diverse range of paintings, drawings, works on paper, and sculptures by artists such as Sydney Nolan, Bill Henson, John Olsen, and Brett Whiteley. You can also find national and international works there as well as one of the largest public domain photography collections in Australia. This gallery has a large collection of Australian contemporary art, including works by some of the nation’s most important painters.

In addition to these two exhibits, they also have a variety of temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The Gallery offers tours where you can meet the curators and artists behind each display.


The National Gallery of Victoria is an Australian art museum with an extensive collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts. The gallery also has a range of modern and contemporary Australian artworks, featuring artists such as David Larwill, John Olsen, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Margaret Preston, John Brack, Max Dupain, Joy Hester, Russell Drysdale. The gallery features exhibitions from some of the most talented contemporary artists, such as Brett Whiteley and Sidney Nolan.

Located in Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens on St Kilda Road are the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia and the NGV International which exhibits international contemporary art alongside the national collection.


The Australian National University in Canberra is a well-known gallery in the ACT. This university features contemporary art exhibitions in its own galleries, hosts visiting artists in its studios, and has an art library that showcases contemporary art. The ANU Art Museum offers current exhibitions for visitors to enjoy, or you can visit their permanent collection of Australia’s finest 20th century, modern, and contemporary art.

Contemporary art is evident in many galleries in Australia, making it easy for you to find the perfect piece. The Australian Gallery of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian National University – ACT are just a few of the places you can visit to see pieces from some of the best contemporary artists.

Decorating Angled Walls: Tips and Recommendations

Even in these actual days, dealing with angled walls is not something easy at all because you will be requiring some extra touches and details to make sure that everything stays in place and without looking weird or out of place, and that often ends up being a challenge bigger than expected to the point in which you could even think about leaving the wall just like that but don’t give up so soon! You should follow some tips and recommendations on products and certain decorations that are extremely compatible with angled walls, so why don’t you check them out in the next article? That way you won’t suffer from any headache in your living room while thinking about the solution to the puzzle.


In modern and classic of decorate an angled wall, you might see some beams that are being included as part of the living room’s decoration and at first, you might think about how uncommon and weird it sounds theoretically speaking, but when you see it with your own eyes, you discover that something as simple and plain as beams are a wonderful and reliable alternative to decoration those annoying but stylish angled walls, and thanks to the multiple types of beams available in these actual days, you will be able to do a good combination in your living room.

However, is not so strange to see people changing the beams option for another interesting alternative which will be mainly focused on the usage of stripes, and thankfully, this option is even easier to apply in your living room, you just need patience, and if you have enough time you can even paint those stripes to give a more stylish and comfortable touch to the walls.


The most common solution is to rely on the power of the never disappointing artwork that you might have from older locations or properties, and that is not something bad at all because even with the weird angles, the wall should provide more than enough balance and support to the artwork, however, it would be better if you could add some sort of extra security to it, especially if we are talking about expensive artwork or the one that uses a glass frame because if something like an earthquake happens, then you could expect the artwork to fall to the ground, and this could be dangerous especially if you tend to rest while being bellow the location in which the angled wall is holding everything.

So, speaking about security, you don’t necessarily need artwork in these modern days, as you can rely on wallpapers that might be tricky to install first, but the final results will not be disappointing at all as you will be able to end up with a nice looking wall that is both stylish and secure.


The good thing about modern decoration is the fact that there are more and more products that can make your life easier when it comes to decoration difficult or unique places like the case of angled walls, and you don’t need to be a specialist to know that lights can be used for fantastic decoration in these kinds of walls for the simple fact that you will be able to create magnificent lighting effects thanks to the shadows created thanks to the angle of the lights and also due to the rich colors that can be obtained with RGB light strips or another sort of lighting.

5 of the Best PC Game Controllers

It is evident 5 of the best PC game controllers can make the gaming experience a lot better than it is right now. At first, you won’t think too much of it. As time goes on, you can adjust to the fact that you can’t really tell what’s going on. You’re going to think it would go out and say that you would be exerting a lot of effort onto the game but it can be done a little bit later when everything is said and done. The first controller that would come to mind would be the Logitech F310 as it comes from one of the industry’s most popular manufacturers. Even if you buy a Logitech, it’s still a good idea to perform a controller test. As a result, you can expect to be using the controller for many years to come. Also, it does not really come with a huge price tag so you know you won’t have to withdraw from the nearest ATM just to get your hands on it. Speaking of huge price tags, there is the Astro C40 TR which has such a wonderful design. Whether you want a wired or something that is not wired of an experience then that will both do. Add that to the fact that there are just way too many customization options for you to check out. If you get tired of one then there is another and another of that. Seriously, the number of options would cease to amaze you and you would always be on the lookout for more. There is even the Dualshock 4 and words can’t describe how incredibly comfortable to use this controller would turn out to be.

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Second Edition is the best for those massive nerds with a lot of budget for the item. After all, it has not one but two analog sticks that will allow you to know in a short amount of time which one of them would get you feeling a bit comfortable than you are right now. It even replaces the shoulder buttons with paddles and we must say that is a lot more comfortable than the one that you are used to. As a result, you will want to get used to using this controller but only if you have the money to do so because its price is pretty high which means it is a huge investment that should set you for the next few years. If you want to settle for something old then go for the Xbox 1 Controller as it has a pretty ergonomic design that will leave you playing for hours. The only problem is that the older problems are not really equipped with Bluetooth so you’ll need to go for the newer ones. The bottom line is that you are going to have the time of your life and that is exactly what’s going to happen when you use this controller for some of the games that you are used to playing. It is no secret you’ll have a nicer experience.

Josie Movie – Plot and Summary


With a former name of Huntsville, the Movie Josie is based on the primary character of Sophie Turner as Josie. Before we get into the entire plot and summary of the movie, let’s understand have a look at their cast, which will help in better understanding of the film.

  • Sophie Turner as Josie
  • Daeg Faerch as Gator
  • Dylan McDermott as Hank
  • Jack Kilmer as Marcus
  • Kurt Fulelr as Gordie
  • Kurt Fulelr as Gordie
  • Robin Bartlett as Martha
  • Lamabrdo Boyar as Romeo
  • Micah Fitzgerald as Long Haire
  • Justin Druck ad Punk
  • Jessa Zarubica as Young mom
  • Jennifer Predier as Ms Elkins
  • George Todd McLAchlan as Max


The director of the Movie Eric England strings Josie to the audience first when she pulls over on Hank. The press says aloud that the film is of no good, which is contrary to the long and lengthy screenplay that basically puts efforts into convincing us to do the otherwise.

In the movie, until the real character of Josie falls apart, the audience is tricked into believing about her cooked lie based on the military dad and her parents who resided in Germany. According to movie critics and buffs, nobody really cares about the character in the movie because they’re all distracted by the way she dresses as if she was going to the Oscar long with Adam Rippon.

Adam Rippon

Hank lives in isolation in one of the saddest motels the film industry has ever witnessed and carries his truant officer’s work outside a high school. The movie has depicted him as an extremely sad and a sadist character that even the students, including Marcus, bully him in front of the entire school crowd. The scene where he was bullied to a great extent and the way he looks at Josie as a plea for help is one of the saddest moments of the Movie and manages to be sadder than a twee.

Josie’s intentions are genuine when she reaches out to Hank until he opens up to her about his real reasons for hiss sorrow. It just portrays his deep sins he’s’ committed in the past and thrives to remorse for it in the light of forgiveness. However, she adds her own Josie points to it, which should have been included in the dialogues and the screenplay of the movie.

In order to preserve the “gotcha moment”, the Movie also depicts the tranquillizing moment of Turner when she stamps on Hank’s toes. Although in the entire movie, the sector has managed to save all her emotions, this moment is the breaking point where her true feelings come to the surface, because the directors perhaps feared that the cast of Sophie might turn into an act of empathy in the movie. Hence, they tried to complicate the character by adding some emotions at the end, which leaves the viewers a feeling of pulling a rug under us.

Josie – Movie Review


If you’re a fanatic of the thriller movies, then you cannot miss this movie called Josie that was released in 2018. Eric England directed the film with script and writing from Anthony Magnone II.

The film stars famous actors from around the world like Sophie Turner, who is the centre of attraction and the primary character in the movie. She takes the character of mysterious high school students who are transferred from Baymont. She draws the attention of hank, who in the film, plays the role of a local recluse.


In addition to Sophie Turner, the movie also casts lead actors and actresses like

Jack Kilmer

Micah Fitzgerald

Lombardo Boyar

Daeg Faerch

Robin Bartlett

Kurt Fuller

This epic thriller movie first hit the premier screens on February 8, 2018, at the Mammoth Film festival. Later, it hit the screens for the public on March 16, 2018, in the United States by the Screen Media Films.

Movie Review


Like mentioned above, the entire script was written by Anthony Magnone II. The original script for entire ht film was previously titled as Huntsville and it was voted to the Black List of 2014.

Black List is a list that comprises of the year’s most underrated or the non-released untreated screenplay’s that thought to be released for the public to cherish the great work of the scriptwriters and the screenplay writers.

In succession to the Black List, the direction of the movie was finally announced at the Toronto International Film festival. It was announced by the Coalition Group with the casting of Shea Whigham as their primary character as Hank and Anya Taylor Joys the movie lead in the name of Josie.

However, by August 2016, the characters were slightly changed, and the cast Whigham and Taylor Joy were replaced by Dylan McDermott and Sophie turner respectively. In addition to these changes, Jack Kilmer was also added to their form.

The direction and the production of the movie began in Los Angeles, USA. The former title of Huntsville was changed to Josie in the film festival and the premiers of the movie held at the Mammoth Film Festival. The movie acquired its North American distribution rights by the Screen Media Films in 2018, post the movie’s realize to the public. They even acquired the rights to the international distribution by the Lightning Entertainment.

Movie’s release

The movie Josie was released on February 8, in 2018, post the inaugural function or the movie premiere at the Mammoth Film Festival. Post its release, the movie received a lot of appreciation from the critics, with a simultaneous release on March 16, 2018, which comprised of a minimal theatrical run and was telecasted on the video-on-demand releases.

The movie received good reviews from the critic sites and the movie buffs, with the 31st place on the 100 of the average rated film. However, some of the sites even categorized the movie as a generally unfavourable movie.

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