5 Best Sights and Destinations in Oahu


Oahu is the most diverse island in all of Hawaii, with over 240 species of birds, 30% of the world’s fish, and one of the most beautiful landscapes. It is a small island that gave birth to some not so well known areas such as Waianae and Makaha. These places are special because they are untouched by luxury resorts or waterfront high-rises. They provide an escape from the hustle and bustle to enjoy amazing views, unspoiled beaches, secluded hilltops that even some locals don’t recognize yet. You can get tour guides such as LYA Dolphin Tours, do a DIY or do the things listed below.

Waianae Coastline

This area between Kailua-Kona or Wailea Beach is a true gem. Many people do not know about this place because of the distance to the main parts of Oahu, as well as the fact that it has no real urban center. Waianae is full of beautiful waterfalls such as Uawa Falls and Kapoho falls, which are well worth the trip. Waianae is a great place to go horsing around, hiking in the jungle and swimming at the beach. Waianae has some of the best snorkeling on the entire island. This area is also a great place to enjoy incredible sunsets and see amazing tropical flowers. You can find many places to stay along this coast, especially in the town of Waimea.

Ka’ena Point

This peninsula is worth visiting not only because of the amazing views, but also the history behind it. Ka’ena Point is where Portuguese navigator in 1579, Juan Gaetano, was shipwrecked and killed by Hawaiian warriors. It is also where the archaeological remains of ancient Hawaiians and their village have been found. The views are stunning, you can see Maui from here, as well as many islands that surround Oahu. The shore is alive with wildlife, you can see many different kinds of birds and small animals. There are a few small stores to buy food and drinks, as well as bathrooms. This is one of the best places to see the sunset on Oahu, it’s breathtaking.

Kealia Beach

Kealia Beach is a great place to go snorkeling. There are many different kinds of fish in this area, and you may see sea turtles swimming around. Kealia beach is also a great place to enjoy the ocean and the view of Haleiwa town (our next best destination). You will have access to showers and restrooms.

Pelekunu Ridge Park

This park is filled with a variety of beautiful beaches, including scenic Kukio Beach and Honu-kukui Beach. This is one of the few places on Oahu to find giant kukui nut trees, so you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy some unique and delicious treats. There are many hiking trails that lead through this park, and it is full of beautiful flowers and plants along with brooks, ferns etc. The best thing about this park is that it’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean so you can be sure you’ll see ocean life while walking through the trails.


This is a great place to go shopping and explore, as it is the main part of Oahu as stated on this site. There are many different kinds of shops to visit, as well as many fast food restaurants to enjoy as mentioned on this site. There are also many places to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, as Kailua is surrounded by fruit groves. For example, Uwajimaya Village is the largest Asian market on Hawaii Island, which sells everything from imported Chinese foods and Thai foods to fresh fruits and vegetables.

5 Best Sights and Destinations in Oahu

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