Decorating Angled Walls: Tips and Recommendations

Even in these actual days, dealing with angled walls is not something easy at all because you will be requiring some extra touches and details to make sure that everything stays in place and without looking weird or out of place, and that often ends up being a challenge bigger than expected to the point in which you could even think about leaving the wall just like that but don’t give up so soon! You should follow some tips and recommendations on products and certain decorations that are extremely compatible with angled walls, so why don’t you check them out in the next article? That way you won’t suffer from any headache in your living room while thinking about the solution to the puzzle.


In modern and classic of decorate an angled wall, you might see some beams that are being included as part of the living room’s decoration and at first, you might think about how uncommon and weird it sounds theoretically speaking, but when you see it with your own eyes, you discover that something as simple and plain as beams are a wonderful and reliable alternative to decoration those annoying but stylish angled walls, and thanks to the multiple types of beams available in these actual days, you will be able to do a good combination in your living room.

However, is not so strange to see people changing the beams option for another interesting alternative which will be mainly focused on the usage of stripes, and thankfully, this option is even easier to apply in your living room, you just need patience, and if you have enough time you can even paint those stripes to give a more stylish and comfortable touch to the walls.


The most common solution is to rely on the power of the never disappointing artwork that you might have from older locations or properties, and that is not something bad at all because even with the weird angles, the wall should provide more than enough balance and support to the artwork, however, it would be better if you could add some sort of extra security to it, especially if we are talking about expensive artwork or the one that uses a glass frame because if something like an earthquake happens, then you could expect the artwork to fall to the ground, and this could be dangerous especially if you tend to rest while being bellow the location in which the angled wall is holding everything.

So, speaking about security, you don’t necessarily need artwork in these modern days, as you can rely on wallpapers that might be tricky to install first, but the final results will not be disappointing at all as you will be able to end up with a nice looking wall that is both stylish and secure.


The good thing about modern decoration is the fact that there are more and more products that can make your life easier when it comes to decoration difficult or unique places like the case of angled walls, and you don’t need to be a specialist to know that lights can be used for fantastic decoration in these kinds of walls for the simple fact that you will be able to create magnificent lighting effects thanks to the shadows created thanks to the angle of the lights and also due to the rich colors that can be obtained with RGB light strips or another sort of lighting.

Decorating Angled Walls: Tips and Recommendations

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