Josie – Movie Review


If you’re a fanatic of the thriller movies, then you cannot miss this movie called Josie that was released in 2018. Eric England directed the film with script and writing from Anthony Magnone II.

The film stars famous actors from around the world like Sophie Turner, who is the centre of attraction and the primary character in the movie. She takes the character of mysterious high school students who are transferred from Baymont. She draws the attention of hank, who in the film, plays the role of a local recluse.


In addition to Sophie Turner, the movie also casts lead actors and actresses like

Jack Kilmer

Micah Fitzgerald

Lombardo Boyar

Daeg Faerch

Robin Bartlett

Kurt Fuller

This epic thriller movie first hit the premier screens on February 8, 2018, at the Mammoth Film festival. Later, it hit the screens for the public on March 16, 2018, in the United States by the Screen Media Films.

Movie Review


Like mentioned above, the entire script was written by Anthony Magnone II. The original script for entire ht film was previously titled as Huntsville and it was voted to the Black List of 2014.

Black List is a list that comprises of the year’s most underrated or the non-released untreated screenplay’s that thought to be released for the public to cherish the great work of the scriptwriters and the screenplay writers.

In succession to the Black List, the direction of the movie was finally announced at the Toronto International Film festival. It was announced by the Coalition Group with the casting of Shea Whigham as their primary character as Hank and Anya Taylor Joys the movie lead in the name of Josie.

However, by August 2016, the characters were slightly changed, and the cast Whigham and Taylor Joy were replaced by Dylan McDermott and Sophie turner respectively. In addition to these changes, Jack Kilmer was also added to their form.

The direction and the production of the movie began in Los Angeles, USA. The former title of Huntsville was changed to Josie in the film festival and the premiers of the movie held at the Mammoth Film Festival. The movie acquired its North American distribution rights by the Screen Media Films in 2018, post the movie’s realize to the public. They even acquired the rights to the international distribution by the Lightning Entertainment.

Movie’s release

The movie Josie was released on February 8, in 2018, post the inaugural function or the movie premiere at the Mammoth Film Festival. Post its release, the movie received a lot of appreciation from the critics, with a simultaneous release on March 16, 2018, which comprised of a minimal theatrical run and was telecasted on the video-on-demand releases.

The movie received good reviews from the critic sites and the movie buffs, with the 31st place on the 100 of the average rated film. However, some of the sites even categorized the movie as a generally unfavourable movie.

Josie – Movie Review

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