Josie Movie – Plot and Summary


With a former name of Huntsville, the Movie Josie is based on the primary character of Sophie Turner as Josie. Before we get into the entire plot and summary of the movie, let’s understand have a look at their cast, which will help in better understanding of the film.

  • Sophie Turner as Josie
  • Daeg Faerch as Gator
  • Dylan McDermott as Hank
  • Jack Kilmer as Marcus
  • Kurt Fulelr as Gordie
  • Kurt Fulelr as Gordie
  • Robin Bartlett as Martha
  • Lamabrdo Boyar as Romeo
  • Micah Fitzgerald as Long Haire
  • Justin Druck ad Punk
  • Jessa Zarubica as Young mom
  • Jennifer Predier as Ms Elkins
  • George Todd McLAchlan as Max


The director of the Movie Eric England strings Josie to the audience first when she pulls over on Hank. The press says aloud that the film is of no good, which is contrary to the long and lengthy screenplay that basically puts efforts into convincing us to do the otherwise.

In the movie, until the real character of Josie falls apart, the audience is tricked into believing about her cooked lie based on the military dad and her parents who resided in Germany. According to movie critics and buffs, nobody really cares about the character in the movie because they’re all distracted by the way she dresses as if she was going to the Oscar long with Adam Rippon.

Adam Rippon

Hank lives in isolation in one of the saddest motels the film industry has ever witnessed and carries his truant officer’s work outside a high school. The movie has depicted him as an extremely sad and a sadist character that even the students, including Marcus, bully him in front of the entire school crowd. The scene where he was bullied to a great extent and the way he looks at Josie as a plea for help is one of the saddest moments of the Movie and manages to be sadder than a twee.

Josie’s intentions are genuine when she reaches out to Hank until he opens up to her about his real reasons for hiss sorrow. It just portrays his deep sins he’s’ committed in the past and thrives to remorse for it in the light of forgiveness. However, she adds her own Josie points to it, which should have been included in the dialogues and the screenplay of the movie.

In order to preserve the “gotcha moment”, the Movie also depicts the tranquillizing moment of Turner when she stamps on Hank’s toes. Although in the entire movie, the sector has managed to save all her emotions, this moment is the breaking point where her true feelings come to the surface, because the directors perhaps feared that the cast of Sophie might turn into an act of empathy in the movie. Hence, they tried to complicate the character by adding some emotions at the end, which leaves the viewers a feeling of pulling a rug under us.

Josie Movie – Plot and Summary

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